hear listen

TOEFL practice listening test

12 English podcasts every English language learner should listen to

Touchstone Audio

This website has plenty of resources including listening to videos and improving your vocabulary.   There’s a lot to look through so it might take some time.  Good luck!

ESL listening lab


ESL video


Lingua house

Listen and read along (many

Listening practice (many

Do you enjoy listening to music? Do you find you remember English songs easier than English grammar? Then this website may be for you –

Interesting video about what an English learner thinks of watching English language movies to improve their English.  Do subtitles help?

And continuing, here’s a way to improve your English.  Practice, practice, practice.  Practicing 30 minutes a day in your free time is worth over 7 days after a year.  You can do it on the bus, waiting in line, before you go to bed, etc. with no extra time spent.

But watch out for your mind wandering, the material is not interesting, it’s boring and you don’t really want to listen.  You may not be able to focus…


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