Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does SAF mean?
It’s my name (my initials). S. A. F.

2.  Where are you from?
(outside of) Toronto, Canada.

3. How long have you been teaching English?
15 years. 1 year in Canada teaching immigrants (Asians, Europeans, South Americans) and 14 in Korea teaching people from various backgrounds (students, businessmen, housewives, retirees, teachers, civil servants, children, etc).

4.  What cities have you lived/taught in while in Korea?
I came to Korea on September 17, 2003, two days after typhoon 매미 (cicada), and worked at 민병철 학원 (BCM academy) in 창원 (Changwon) teaching English to adults for 2 years.  In 2006 I moved to 포항 (Pohang) and taught kids in a children’s 학원 (English academy). 

After that, I got a job at 전남대학교 (Chonnam National University) teaching English at their 여수 campus (formerly 여수대학교).  I lived in 여수 for 1 year (2006-2007) then moved to the main campus in 광주 at 전남대학교.  I have been living in 광주 since August 2007.

Korean flag

5.  What is the best way to improve my English?
Practice.  Practice makes perfect.  The more you can talk, the more time you spend listening (to English), or writing (in English) or reading (in English), the better you will become.  Try to think of English as an adventure, not a subject.  If you view English as a subject or work you need to study then you won’t enjoy it.  If you view it as a hobby you will have a much better time.  There are more suggestions in my TIPS (힌트) page.

6.  Questions?
Post them here.


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  1. KimDurang

    Scott!! It’s really useful site for studying English 🙂 Thank you

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