1. Poor people have it. Rich people want it. If you eat it, you’ll die.
  2. Forward I’m heavy, backwards I’m not.
  3. A man has a bee in his hand, what’s in his eye?
  4. I’m light as a feather but the strongest man in the world can’t hold me for too long.
  5. What has 4 letters, sometimes has 9 and never has 5?
  6. Johnny’s mother has 4 kids. The kids names are April, May, June. What’s the name of the fourth kid?
  7. You see me twice in a week but never in a day. Once in a year but never in a month. What am I?

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Jealousy vs Envy

Are you jealous or envious?


Jealousy is when you are afraid you might lose something to someone. Like losing your girlfriend to a handsome guy.

Envy is when you admire someone’s ability. Like when you envy your neighbor’s new BMW.

You are green with envy = an idiom meaning to envy someone.

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Muggy (hot and humid)

Another word for hot + humid = muggy

muggy (adj.) 1731, from mugen “to drizzle” (late 14c.), from a Scandinavian source such as Old Norse mugga “drizzling mist,” possibly from PIE *meug- “slimy, slippery” (see mucus).


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lay vs lie

Even native speakers get these 2 verbs confused.

lie lay

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on time vs in time

on time in time

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July 14, 2017 · 4:41 pm

hard vs hardly

hard hardly

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July 10, 2017 · 4:41 pm

some vs any / yet vs still

some any

yet still

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