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No class on Monday, January 30th due to 설날 instead  we will have a makeup class on Tuesday, January 31st (10:30-12), room #106.

ing vs ed – adjectives ing vs ed

drunk vs drunken (grammar explanation)

Jan 25
Review 5 – review-5
Big Bang Theory (lying) – bigbangtheory5_pennysinging
Big Bang Theory (lying) ppt – bigbangtheory5_ppt_pennylying

Jan 23
Review 4 – review-4
Big Bang Theory1 introductions – bigbangtheory1a_neighbormessy
Big Bang Theory1 introductions ppt – bigbangtheory1a_ppt_neighbormessy

Download Big Bang Theory subtitles (via Gom)

Jan 18
Review 3 – review-3
Modern Family – modernfamily3_family-embarrassment
Modern Family ppt – modernfamily3_family-embarrassment

Jan 16
Review 2 – review-2
Modern Family (fighting) – modernfamily2_family
Modern Family (fighting) ppt – modernfamily2_family

Modern Family fighting

Jan 11
Review 1 – review1
Modern Family (boyfriend visits) – modernfamily1_pilot
Modern Family (boyfriend visits) ppt – modernfamily1_thepilot

Jan 9
Syllabus – modernfamily1_pilot
Modern Family (intro) handout – modernfamily1_pilot
Modern Family (intro) ppt – modernfamily1_thepilot

Bring your USB to class to get the clips we use during class time.

Modern Family promo

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MBA – Business Communication

No class on Thursday, January 26th due to 설날 instead  we will have class on Thursday, February 2nd.

Jan 19
Common Mistakes 1 ppt (last week’s homework answers) – common-mistakes-1

Common Mistakes 2 (this week’s homework) – speaking-mistakes-2
Common Mistakes 2 (answers) – common-mistakes-2
Giving advice – giving-advice
Giving advice ppt – gr-advice

Present perfect continuous – ft-present-perfect-continuous-questions
Present perfect continuous – gr-present-perfect-continuous
Present perfect continuous ppt – -present-perfect-continuous

Jan 12
Business Introductions – business-greetings
Business Introductions ppt – business-greetings

Class introductions – class-intro
Business quiz – business-quiz
Common Mistakes – speaking-mistakes-1
Common Mistakes ppt – common-mistakes-1

Business Introductions
Getting acquainted

Jan 5
Syllabus – mba-syllabus-2017
Feedback – mba-needs-analysis
Course introduction ppt – mba-intro-ppt-spring-2017

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By vs Until


Both until and by indicate “any time before, but not later than.”

Until tells us how long a situation continues. If something happens until a particular time, you stop doing it at that time.

For example:

They lived in a small house until September 2003.
(They stopped living there in September.)

I will be away until Wednesday.
(I will be back on Wednesday.)

We also use until in negative sentences.

For example:

Details will not be available until January.
(January is the earliest you can expect to receive the details.)

If something happens by a particular time, it happens at or before that time. It is often used to indicate a deadline.

For example:

You have to finish by August 31.
(August 31 is the last day you can finish; you may finish before this date.)

We also use by when asking questions.

For example:

Will the details be available by December?
(This asks if they will be ready no later than December.)

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In vs On vs At


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October 19, 2016 · 1:55 pm

Suppose it didn’t?


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August 1, 2016 · 12:42 am

In vs On

on in

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May 7, 2016 · 8:19 pm


count uncount

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May 7, 2016 · 8:13 pm